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Zhou Xuewen, Vice Minister of water resources, inspected and supervised flood control and disaster relief work in Yuncheng City

[Abstract]: On October 12, Zhou Xuewen, Secretary General of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, Vice Minister of the emergency management department and vice minister of the Ministry of water resources, went to Xinjiang county of Yuncheng City and Hejin City to visit the victims, inspect and guide flood control and flood fighting, emergency rescue and relief work. Vice Governor Yu Yingjie inspected together. Zhou Xuewen visited the victims of the centralized resettlement site to learn more about accommodation, dining, epidemic prevention, etc., and checked the blocking and drainage of the North dam burst section of the eastern section of the Xinjiang bridge on the Fenhe River and the flood diversion of the Hejin LianBo Village section. Zhou Xuewen affirmed the local disaster relief material preparation and the resettlement of the victims. He stressed that it is necessary to implement all kinds of work measures for flood control and disaster relief, continue to strengthen the inspection and defense of embankments during the recession period, and discharge water from flooded areas. We should do a good job in relief, epidemic prevention, medical and health care, and logistical support for the victims, so that the victims can eat and clothe themselves, and guide rescue forces and social donor agencies to carry out their work in an orderly manner; We will strengthen disaster statistics, further understand the demand for disaster relief materials, coordinate the deployment and use of various materials, and strengthen epidemic prevention and control in disaster areas. (source: Shanxi daily)
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